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Floss in seconds

with NUfloss

Order your at-home impression kit today.


How It Works

Step 1

Order your impression kit today. Download the NUfloss app (coming soon) to receive updates and make changes.

Step 2

Once your impression kit arrives, follow the instructions and upload your teeth pattern on the NUfloss app.

Step 3

Floss naturally with a no-commitment subscription service that mails 30 pairs of NUfloss to your door monthly.

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Impression Kit


All you need to get started. Includes upper and lower impression tray. 3 sets of putty base and catalyst.


One & Done

$19.99 / Month

30 pairs of custom floss each month in individualized packs made for you.

Coming Soon

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Mobile App

*Available Soon

NUfloss will text you a pre-release link to dowload the app.

  • Your personal NUfloss profile.

  • Manage your subscription.

  • Connect with local dental providers.

  • Set reminders to floss.

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Taking flossing from one to two

minutes to literally ten seconds.

This device is the key!

- Dr. Sako



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